Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Bhattal begins exercise for Mohali centre of IISER Banglore

CHANDIGARH: Deputy Chief Minister Punjab Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, who is incharge Minister of higher education had series of meeting with the management and faculty members of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Banglore to analyse infrastructure requirements for institute being set up at Moahli in Punjab.

An official spokesman said Bhattal had visited Banglore on August 23 last. The objective was to study the basic structure and academic atmosphere of the first Science Institute of India so that the beginning of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research could be made on firm foundation of academic freedom and administrative autonomy. It is interesting to note that the Govt. of India has approved the setting up of fourth Science Institute in Mohali to promote learning and research in science and technology.

Professor P. Balaram, Director of the institute and Prof. N. Balakrishnan, Associate Director of the Institute and all faulty members, welcomed the Deputy Chief Minister and made a presentation about the history and working of the Institute. Originally set up by Jamshedji Tata in 1896, the Institute grew and developed in its distinct character over the years becoming a national institute for imparting education and research in science. Smt. Rajinder Kaur Bhattal felt proud and privileged having a close look of the Institute and congratulated the management and faculty members for pioneering work which resulted the economic development of the country. She further explained that the present 9% growth of economy had its foundation laid in the premises of such Institutes.

The proposed institute in Mohali shall be the fourth after Banglore, Kolkata and Pune. The Deputy Chief Minister further stated that the Institute shall have main academic programmes in major areas in Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and Computer Science. In addition to the above programmes the Institute would also admit post Doctoral fellows. When fully established, total strength of the Integrated M.Sc. programme in the Institute would be 1,000 and of the doctoral and post doctoral programme about 1,055. Ultimately the Institute will thus have a student strength of 2,055.

Deputy Chief Minister further stated that suitable site for the Institute has been selected in Mohali. The total requirement of land for this project is 200 acres and total project cost other than land is Rs. 500 crores. Keeping in view the significance of the project and eagerness of Punjab Government, the Prime Minister of India is likely to lay the foundation stone of the Institute on 27th of September, 2006.

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