Sunday, December 10, 2006


Budget and other comparisons between NISER and IISERs

As reported in the Rajya Sabha Q & A the NISER budget estimate for its establishment is 560 crores for 7 years, while the IISERs have a budget of 500 crores for their establishments. However the 500 crores for the IISERs is said to be over 5 years.

But then, the 2006-07 budget document (sbe56) mentions 6 crores total for both IISERs (Pune and Kolkata) as part of the 2005-06 revised plan and 50 crores total for both IISERs as part of the 2006-07 plan.

So at this point it seems like the IISERs and NISER will have approximately the same budget, and the difference of 560-500 = 60 crores is probably due to the NISER phase 1 being at Institute of Physics. I.e., that 60 crore will probably will be spent for additional infrastructure (buildings, labs) at the Inst. of Physics which will not carry over to the new 300 acre campus of the NISER.

The difference between the 7 years making time for NISER and 5 year for IISERs may be again because of the two phases of NISER (phase 1 at IOP and phase 2 at its own campus). Also, DAE may be more conservative and realistic in estimating how long it will take to make the NISER.

Budget aside, because there will be 5 IIISERs they will get more publicity and they will be more well known among the general populace. But if the IISERs and NISER use the same entrance exam the students would get to know both. Similarly, when recruiting faculty, it may not make that big of a difference.

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