Sunday, April 01, 2007


Updates on NISER: Excerpt of an email from an Orissa govt. official

The land for NISER has been located near Bhubaneswar/ Khurda near the Private Engineering Colleges / Barunei Hill. Dr Kakodkar, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, visited the plot of land on 30.03.2007 along with other members of the Steering Commiittee of NISER Project. The State Govt. has agreed to give 300 acres of land free of cost. Govt. has also agreed to give about 44 nos of new flats near Institute of Physics for hostel/staff quarters of NISER till the permanent campus comes up.

The first batch of students for NISER will join in September, 2007. Atomic Energy Commiision has approved the NISER Project at approximately Rs 823 / crores for a 7 year period. It will now go to the Union Cabinet for approval.

X is in the Steering Committee of NISER which is chaired by Dr Kakodkar, Chairman, AEC.Three meetings have already been held and the first batch of students will join in September, 2007.

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